Ribiera Golf Swing

Golf du Pays de Forcalquier

Luberon in Provence

Time information

Open every day

8h30 at 19h

Located in the Luberon natural park, nestled in lush greenery in the heart of Provence, 3 minutes from the town of Forcalquier and just 40 minutes from Aix-en-Provence.

The Golf du Domaine Ribiera welcomes you to its 9-hole Pitch and Putt course, its practice area on 2 levels equipped with stations with interactive radars and its training area.

The Ribiera Golf Swing is the ideal place for a day of relaxation and fun on the green.

The perfect balance

between pleasure and technique

Route & infrastructure

9-hole Pitch and Putt course

The Ribiera Golf Swing golf course is ideal for golf enthusiasts of all levels who want to practice regularly.

With these natural and synthetic greens, these obstacles such as crossing the Beveron river and the domain lake.

It offers a stimulating challenge for experienced players while being accessible to beginners.

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600 m

Practice / Putting Green

We have facilities allowing you to tackle every component of the game of golf.

A driving range, equipped with different targets up to 200m

20 places including 6 covered on 2 levels.

Interactive stations equipped with trajectory tracking technology, allowing you to play on international courses virtually and visualize your different swing performances.

The best way to improve these performances in a fun way.

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Golf interactif
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Prices 2024

The Ribiera Golf Swing has a simple and modern pricing operation.

Accessible and fun, you only pay a simple entry fee to access all the golf activities.

Whether for the driving range, the course or for the training areas.

In addition, at the driving range, you no longer have the concept of a bucket or the number of balls, they are unlimited.


Occasional Access

Included :

- Access to 9-hole Pitch&Putt course

- Practice (unlimited buckets of balls)

- Interactive posts

- Putting Green

Limit of 4 hours of consecutive golf activities per day

Offer with lunch slate menu.

19 €

Per person

€15 for under-25s and club card

With lunch

58 €

Per person


Pack 5, 10, 20 ou 50 accès

Take advantage of a pack to access the Ribiera Golf Swing for 5, 10, 20 or 50 times

Included :

- Access to 9-hole course

- Practice (unlimited buckets of balls)

- Interactive stations, Putting Green

Valid for 12 months

95 €

89 €

soit 17,,80 € l’accès

pack 5 accès

190 €

169 €

soit 16,90 € l’accès

pack 10 accès

380 €

299 €

soit 14,95 € l’accès

pack 20 accès

950 €

499 €

soit 9,98 € l’accès

pack 50 accès


Unlimited Access

  • Unlimited access to the 9-hole course and practice area
  • Unlimited access to the Practice (unlimited buckets of balls) and interactive stations
  • Date-to-date subscription
  • The “Le Club Golf” Gold card
  • Membership of the Sports association included
  • Reductions on the proshop of 10% (excluding promotions)
  • Up to -50% on green fees at our partner golf courses thanks to the “Le Club Golf” card
  • -10% at the Domaine Bar and Restaurant
  • 10% on the Ribiera SPA


for 12 months

payment in 4 installments (199€ x4)



Discovery Academy

Green Card Pass

Ideal for discovering golf and loving it

In 12 months, you discover, progress and become independent on the course.

Validation of the Green Card Pass

Included :

- 20 hours of group lessons

- Access to 9-hole course

- Practice (unlimited buckets of balls)

- Interactive posts

- Putting Green

Available only for beginners, non-renewable. > 25 years old

499 €

for 12 months


With the Le Club Golf card, up to 50% off nearby golf courses.

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and also in more than 200 golf courses in France and Spain

The conditions of the Club Gold card may change over time, information on the site: https://leclub-golf.com

Practice clubs: Available free of charge

For the Course and the Putting Green, 1/2 series bag rental: €20/day

Equipment rental

Membership in our Association allows its Members to benefit from various privileges and advantages.

• -10% on the proshop (excluding promotion)

• -10% at the Domaine Bar and Restaurant (excluding specific events)

• Playing fees for competitions organized by the Association: €10

• 15€ on access to the Ribiera Golf Swing for your guests (compulsory play with the guest)

• -10% at Ribiera SPA

Price: €39 (annual subscription from date to date)

Included for Ribiera Golf Swing Members, the golf school and with the Discovery Package

Sports Association

Academie Ribiera Golf Swing

Introduction, training course, group or individual golf lessons. Don't hesitate to perfect your swing by taking lessons with our PGA PRO Johann Dahan.

The academy also offers you detailed analyzes of your game with the Swing Performance studio, equipped with all the latest technologies such as Trackman 4 and Smart2Move.


The Swing Performance studio

Equipped with the latest technologies such as the trackman, it helps improve the swing and increases performance.

Your tailor-made clubs with Fitting.


Lessons / Courses

Alone or with others, choose your lesson or courses according to your level or your objectives.


The golf school

Learn and progress in a friendly and sporting atmosphere. The golf school is accessible to all young people aged 4 to 25,


Private Golf Lesson & Discovery of Golf

With the advice of a Pro PGA coach who is 100% at your service, various high-tech technologies such as TrackMan 4. You will quickly progress and improve your game.

included :

- Video analysis and Trackman 4

- Technical work

- As many balls as you like during your lesson and access to the driving range and putting green for 1 hour to warm up.

Accompanied courses: course duration of 2 hours required

And for beginners

Have a great time exploring, with family, friends or alone.

Introduce golf to your loved ones.



Joueur <25 ans

Tarif :


Pack 5 ou 10 heures de cours privée

345 €

5 heures

319 €

Pack 5 or 10 hours of golf lessons usable for 12 months

With the advice of a Pro PGA coach who is 100% at your service, various high-tech technologies such as TrackMan 4. You will quickly progress and improve your game.

Includes unlimited balls during your lesson and access to the driving range and putting green for 1 hour to warm up.

690 €

10 heures


-25 ans

169 € / 5 heures   -  329 € / 10 heures

Souscription directement au domaine



Located at the hotel reception level. The ProShop is the ideal place to equip yourself or improve your golf equipment.

You can also rent golf equipment.

For optimal adaptation of your equipment to your size and playing style, book your fitting session!

contact us at +33 4 65 100 900

Exclusive Calaway distributor,we offer you a large selection of products such as:

Branded items, balls, shoes, caps, gloves, belts, rangefinders, polo shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, socks, travel bags, jackets, pitch lifts, umbrellas, wood covers, putter covers, towels, tees, grips , and gift boxes.


Golf School

Welcome to all young people aged 4 to 25!

Supervised by our teacher Johann Dahan, classes are taught every Saturday, from September to June (excluding school holidays).

Ideal for young people who want to learn about this complete sport, or to improve their skills, all in a fun way, without ever losing sight of the pleasure of playing.


Groupe loisir

(Fox Team)

Beginner level

Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

(lunch break from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.)

Techniques, rules and etiquette

Golf School Competition at the end of the year

Equipment available

Access to the course and driving range only during golf school

Membership of the Sports association included

299 €


Groupe compétition

(Tigers Team)

Confirmed & elite level

Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

(lunch break from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.)

(excluding school holidays)

Techniques, rules and etiquette

Physical and mental coaching

Regular competitions

Ribiera Golf Swing annual subscription included

(even outside of school days)

Included access to the course, practice with unlimited balls

Membership of the Sports association included

399 €

academie Golf

Academie Ribiera Golf Swing

Progress with each lesson

We implement precise and rigorous analysis protocols to understand and develop your technique and your approach to the game. Whether you are in a “leisure” or “sport” practice, our commitment is to provide you with high-quality instruction. quality

Portrait Johann Dahan

An accomplished sportsman, he started golf in 2000 and became a PRO PGA teacher in 2008. Unrivaled expertise in teaching golf and training players.

He has the talent to provide players of all levels and all ages with cutting-edge, high-level techniques using simple and fun approaches.

He supports the development of junior elites and experienced players.

This talent detector became a departmental coach in 2018 (04.05) for competitions for the best young people in the region.

An expert in putting and approaches, he is also a real coach providing mental assistance to manage pressure and better approach the competition.

Swing Performance studio 

Located at the practice level, the Swing Performance Studio allows you to analyze and measure, in a reliable and scientific manner, all the elements that make up the Swing. With this analysis, you will know the areas for improvement and thus gain performance.

This studio is equipped with the latest technologies such as:

TrackMan 4 

Is the ball tracking system to measure the flight characteristics of the ball, such as speed, distance, height, direction and curve.

It allows players to better understand their swing and work on areas of their game that need improvement.

Trackman 4

Smart to move

Allows you to analyze static, dynamic balance and transfer of forces using two biomechanical analysis force plates.

Smart to move

Putting Analysis

Thanks to cutting-edge Capto technology, your putting is analyzed in real time, precisely and reliably.



In exclusive partnership with the Calaway brand. Our fitting specialist will advise, guide and optimize your golf clubs, relying in particular on cutting-edge technologies, such as the trackman and smart to move.


Sports Association

& Competitions

Ribiera Golf Swing Sports Association

Dear customers of Ribiera Golf Swing

We are pleased to announce a total overhaul of the Sports association.

From now on, the contribution to the association is automatically included in the different subscription plans (Annual Access, Discovery Access, Golf School).

The goal is to bring together all Ribiera Golf Swing players within the association, with conviviality and club spirit.

Play seriously without taking yourself seriously

, whose aim is to encourage the practice of golf in competitions or leisure, in a friendly spirit.

May the Ribiera Golf Swing be well represented outside by our players and our youth, women's, men's and senior teams.

To organize friendly competitions and moments of conviviality and meeting,

To participate in the development of the Golf school.

General Rules for access to the Ribiera Golf Swing

  • All golfers must go to the domain reception to register their arrival. Reservations for access to the Ribiera Golf Swing are made directly on our website, by telephone or directly on site.
  • • The management reserves the right to exclude any person using the golf infrastructure who has not paid entry or subscription to the Ribiera Golf Swing.
  • • Subscriptions and access packages are strictly nominative and are taken out from date to date.
  • • Players must complete the course while maintaining the sequence of holes.
  • • The Domaine Ribiera teams reserve the right to take action, even to stop and prohibit the game, to all players who do not have a minimum of consistency and playing technique or who have inappropriate behavior and who would cause trouble to other players on the course or grounds, and those without any possibility of having any partial or total refund.
  • • All physical accidents or damage will be the sole responsibility of the player(s).
  • • Practice balls are the exclusive property of Domaine Ribiera, their use is strictly prohibited outside the practice range and even on the putting greens, chipping greens and of course the course. Anyone in possession of practice balls outside the training area will be fined €50.
  • • It is prohibited to pick up practice balls on the practice area or along the net
  • • The car park is not monitored, Domaine Ribiera declines all responsibility in the event of theft or break-ins on vehicles. It is therefore recommended not to leave valuable items in cars.
  • • The golfer undertakes to respect golfing etiquette (see on FFGOLF).
  • • Players must respect the course and in particular replace the divots, note the pitches on the greens using a pitch finder and rake club marks in the bunkers.
  • • Competitions are organized by Ribiera Golf Swing or the Sports Association. Registrations are done online.
  • • To take part in a competition, the player must be FFGolf licensed and pay a competition fee as well as a right of access to the Ribiera Golf Swing.
  • • At the end of the competition, the duly completed score card, signed by the player and recorded by the scorer, must be returned to reception. Incomplete scorecards will not be taken into consideration.
  • • Protection of personal data, all personal information collected is recorded in a customer file, kept up to date by Domaine Ribiera. In accordance with the “Informatique et Libertés” law of January 6, 1978, customers have the right to access, oppose and rectify information that concerns them. If he wishes to exercise this right and obtain information concerning him, he can contact Domaine Ribiera directly.

Have an unforgettable time

Live exceptional experiences

at Domaine Ribiera


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Prices include VAT. The price is only guaranteed at the time of booking.


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